Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Remap or flash upgrade?
This is a computer software upgrade for late model fuel injected vehicles whereby a new optimized tune is applied to the car’s ECU for improved power, throttle response and a reduction in fuel consumption. Bottom line; better response, more power and amazingly, a more frugal engine means more fun at less cost!

Are we able to view the changes following an Remap?
No. Inherently, software is invisible, whereas increases in power (kW) and torque (Nm) are immediately detectable as soon as a car is driven, or placed on a chassis dynamometer. Factory diagnostic functions are not altered during the flashing process allowing your service dealer to still work with all standard diagnostic systems.

What happens to the fuel consumption with a Remapped ECU?
The fun factor aside (we can only really use full throttle under certain circumstances), if you are to assume your ‘normal’ driving style it will result in improved fuel consumption. Our tunes are designed to ‘clean up’ inherently rich factory fuel settings, both at part throttle, full throttle and during cruise.

How is the tune actually achieved?
Most post year 2000 vehicles are capable of being flashed via the world standard OBD2 port, the same port as used by the vehicle manufacturer/supplier for vehicle servicing or diagnostic checks. But some of newer cars need the ECU to be removed from the vehicle and worked on on a bench with very special equipment so Please give us a call to find out specific details about your car.

Can the original software be reinstated in my vehicle in the event that it has to be returned to the dealer for warranty repairs, or I intend selling the car?
Yes. Every vehicle on our list can be flashed with a new program, and in turn the original program can be re-flashed if requested by a customer. As a matter of course we retain copies of the factory programs of every vehicle flashed.

Is flashing ‘modified’ software into an ECU secure?
Flashing new programs via a vehicle’s OBD2 port is the most secure means possible. Our files use exactly the same flashing process as vehicle manufacturers, noting that the parameters modified within our ‘tuned’ files are designed to provide the car with improved power and torque.

With a modified tune, does it affect engine temperatures at all?
The oil temperature may increase by about 2-5 degrees.

Does a ‘tuned’ ECU result in shortened engine life?
The tunes do NOT compromise engine durability whatsoever. It all comes down to how hard and how heavy your right foot is!

Do I need to upgrade the braking system?
It all depends on how you drive. Typically, a tune alone does not have any affect on a braking system, rather via a power increase of up to 55% can result in higher speeds being achieved, and it is up to you to judge from your driving whether an upgrade may be necessary.

I have an automatic gearbox – are there any issues with an auto transmission 
software is designed for use with all gearbox types, and in all cases takes into account the factory transmission parameters. Automatic transmissions in late model European cars are usually controlled by a separate ECU, the tuning of which is modified to ensure the best possible settings for the performance enthusiast.

What does “Flash” mean?
“Flash” relates to the re-writing of software into the ECU via the OBDII diagnostic port in the car.








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